Create a simple website that will keep your dog safe if they get lost.

It’s fun and takes 5 minutes:
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Your dog’s tag has your contact info but no room for other important details.

If your dog is lost, critical info can make the difference to their safety.

Create a simple website with WagPage for your dog with all their important info.

Add their WagPage link to their dog tag and they’re ready for adventure!

How It Works


Create a WagPage with our quick & easy builder

We’ll collect all the vital info about your dog, plus some optional stuff if you want to show your pup off!


Choose your dog’s WagPage Link

Choose the WagPage URL or custom domain that points to your dog's site. (We chose for our dog)


Update your dog's tag with their link

Now that your dog has a WagPage, you'll want to get them an updated tag with their link so anyone who finds them knows where to go for more info.

This all started when we made
a simple website for our own dog, Ace!

Our friends wanted one for their dogs too, so we made WagPage.
Here’s what Ace’s WagPage looks like:

WagPage walks you through creating your dog’s site

We'll quickly collect the most important info to keep your dog safe if they get lost.

It’s fun and just takes about 5 minutes!

Here’s what we'll include on your dog's WagPage:
Your detailed contact info + secondary emergency contacts, like friends and family
Your vet’s contact information in case your dog is hurt and needs immediate attention
An explanation of any behavioral issues or other special issues your dog may have
Food, medicine or other allergies in case someone takes care of them for a short time
Much more! For the safety of your best friend, we don’t leave any stones unturned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my friends or I don't want certain information public?

By default all contact information is protected so that it can't be harvested by bots.

You can also choose to hide certain information unless you mark your dog as missing or only use WagPage's contact form, which conceals your contact information.

Can I update my dog's site once it's live?

Absolutely! You can update your dog's site as often as you like, including adding, editing or removing contacts.

Your changes will go live immediately after you hit save.

Do I have to worry about webhosting?

Not at all! We take care of all the technical parts for you.

How much does a WagPage cost?

A basic WagPage costs just $19.99/year. Adding a custom domain name costs an additional $14.99/year.

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